Michaela is a Veterinary assistant who has roots in dog bathing and grooming. From her time working in a salon she was able to learn valuable skills such as keeping a calm and happy demeanor for the animals who are anxious, as well as being able to identify skin and coat issues based on feel, look and smell. When she first decided to get a dog, there were problems from the beginning. She came into the clinic and was able to receive treatment for her dog and this was our first chance to get to know her. Michaela joined the team soon after in July of 2017 and has learned everything she knows today by working on the job. Her favorite thing about the job itself is being able to be there for the animals and people who need the time and compassion. It is a mission of hers to make sure the animals around her are getting the proper care they need as well as having the owners needs and expectations met also. Michaela would like to remind everyone that she is not annoyed when you call and check in on your animal in our care. She will more than gladly talk to you and reassure you that things are going as planned and that everything is okay.